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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Vizier Energy Consultants offers the highest quality of Oil & Gas consultancy.  Since 2010,  we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our collective experience and commitment to excellence have earned a reputation as Trusted Advisors providing Independent Objective Analysis. Our experts are all independent contractors who typically have 25-35 years experience in the industry and are qualified to higher degree level (MSc or PhD)

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A Vizier was a high-ranking political advisor or minister, initially to the Pharaohs of Egypt but also used widely throughout the Middle and Far East; (vɪˈzɪər) Arabic: وزير‬‎ wazīr; Persian: وازیر‬‎ vazīr; Turkish: vezir; Chinese: 宰相 zǎixiàng; Bengali: উজির ujira'; Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu): वज़ीर or وزیر‬ vazeer, Punjabi: ਵਜ਼ੀਰ or وزير‬ vazīra, sometimes spelled vazir, vizir, vasir, wazir, vesir, or vezir.

Later, the muslim Abbasid caliphs gave the title wazir to a minister formerly called katib (secretary) who was at first merely a helper, but afterwards became the representative and successor of the official scribe or secretary of the Sassanian kings.

In modern usage, the term has been used for ministers in much of the Middle East and beyond. The word entered into English in 1562 from the Turkish vezir ("counselor"), derived from the Arabic wazir  ("viceroy")  from the Arabic wazara ("to bear a burden").  The word is mentioned in the Quran, where Aaron is described as the wazir (helper) of Moses.  The presence of a Middle Persian word vizīr or vicīr (meaning "a legal document" or "decision"), cognate to the Avestan vīcira, meaning "decreer" or "arbitrator", could possibly indicate an Indo-European origin.

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Kagemni was a Vizier from the reign of Pharaoh Teti of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt.  He held a great number of titles, was overseer of the treasuries and royal palace and held several religious positions including High Priest.

Vizier Kagemni also held the positions of overseer of the scribes of the king's documents, overseer of all the works of the king, and overseer of the six great courts.

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